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The first step to a successful kitchen remodel is a well thought out plan. Every household is different. Families are individual and unique in how they use their kitchen.

Next, make a budget. Then make some notes. What is it about your current kitchen that you don't like? What is it about your kitchen that you need to improve?

Make a wish list. If money was no object, what would you like to have in your kitchen? Later, as your plan develops, you can adjust your wish list, making necessary sacrifices to complement your budget.

Your individual family habits will dictate the efficiency and convenience of your new kitchen!
Family traffic patterns, spacing between items, how much countertop, and how many cabinets are all important issues to think about.

If there is more than one "chef” in your home think about multiple work areas (islands solve this nicely). A second sink, and separating the cooktop and oven, will help in accommodating two cooks! ALWAYS make sure there is countertop space at each appliance!

Last, but probably not least, you need to consider finish materials. Choices for cabinet quality, style, and finish, along with countertops, flooring, appliances, sink, faucets, lighting, backsplash areas and wall finishes, are all crucial to the finished product. 

Our design team is always ready to assist you with any and all of these decisions!

Maybe you have limited space, and need to combine the range and oven in one area. Where will you keep your spices? Do you use a microwave? Where will you put it?

This is the thought process you will use to shape your plan. Think about how you will use your kitchen and a clear picture will develop in your mind.

The cleanup stations are important as well! A dishwasher, a trash and recycling cabinet, good utensil storage all are important  considerations. 

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How To Plan A Kitchen

Next, consider how you cook and prepare your food. Do you use a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables where you will need a large food prep area, possibly with a cutting board? 

Or, do you use a lot of frozen foods and need a huge refrigerator? Do you have a large family, and possibly need two ovens, or an oversized cooktop? Three important considerations are storage, food preparation areas, and clean up.

What type of storage will you need? Do you prefer basic cabinets with adjustable shelves, or should you consider drawers and roll out shelves? Can you fit a tall, utility or pantry cabinet somewhere into your layout?